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Gay Ibiza: The White Island
Ibiza Spain, often called the White Island for its typical architecture, became a major center of touristical attraction during the 1960s, being then famous for its "Hippie-Culture" and nudist beaches.
Today Ibiza has an ample offer as well for families and older visitors, anyhow, still there are the young ones who are attracted by the island's rollicking gay nightlife, which already starts in the afternoon, at the beaches and in the center of town, to continue until dawn in the numerous discotheques. If you leave the beaches behind you, to explore the island's interior, you will find a pure and simple Mediterranean culture, and remains of populations which inhabited Ibiza thousands of years ago. Ibiza or Eivissa in spanish, the Island famous and known for its gay-friendly and tolerant atmosphere. Gay Ibiza is for the physically strong enough or naturally inclined to party round the clock. In Ibiza Ecstasy fuels the party that never stops. Gay or Straight, Ibiza is Clubbing Heaven for all.
Gay Ibiza 2012 For Dreams: I Love Ibiza
Do you love Ibiza the spanish party capital of the world as much as I do? It's Gay heaven and my spirit will live for eternity on the island of Spain Ibiza. Kiss the night embrace the day. A different video point of view by Stefan Shagwell aka. . Music Song is by: Diego Miranda Featuring Liliana - Ibiza For Dreams Massivedrum Remix. "I want to live in Ibiza".

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Ibiza Town: Vila d'Eivissa
The town of Ibiza, also called Vila d'Eivissa, is located on a hill just at the seaside and is surrounded by impressive fortifications. It offers a unique and colorful ambience with its narrow lanes and numerous shops and stands, where you can buy souvenirs and the latest fashion articles. Here you simply must take life easy!
Gay Ibiza Town
Ibiza Town: Tourist Attractions
Barrio de la Penya y de la Bomba
This typical and colorful quarter of town, located just at the town-walls, is the center of Ibiza's pulsating life.
D'alt Vila
Ibiza's historical center, located at the top of the hill and enclosed by town-walls. There are several interesting monuments to visit:
(D'alt Vila) the Gothic tower is of 10th, the Baroque nave of 18th century. In its interior, there are artworks of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque epochs.
Museo Monográfico del Puig de Molins
( Via Romana, open 16.00 to 19.00 ) Europe's best museum of Punic art. The Punic necropolis Puig de Molins is located under the museum and may be visited too.
Archaeological Museum
(D'alt Vila, open 10.00 to 13.00 ) Exposition of objects from prehistorical times until 16th. century.
Ibiza Airport
Ibiza Airport: How To Get There
You can travel to Spain Ibiza by either Plane or by Ship.
There are regular flights from the following Spanish airports: Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Mallorca and Madrid.
From the airport of Ibiza you arrive to virtually any point of the island by public transport, or you can rent a car.
Arriving by ship is much slower, but certainly more romantical. Ships to Gay Ibiza leave from all major Spanish ports.