Lily White - Do You Miss Backstreet Atlanta ? What Is The Meaning Of Thanksgiving?

Atlanta Drag Queen Hall Of Fame : . Lily White Drag Queen legend alive and in colour remembering the good old days 80's & 90's at Dance Club "Backstreet Atlanta" and explaining the meaning of Thanksgiving the gay version. This is Drag Queen stand up comedy at its best with dirty gay x-rated jokes only Lily White can tell. Do you miss Atlanta Backstreet Night Club? This gay event happened at Jungle Club Atlanta a "Charlie Brown's Cabaret" the Backstreet Reunion Party 2. A living legend drag queens show extravaganza. For more Atlanta Georgia USA Gay Party info visit Jungle Club at: .THANK YOU to Jungle Club's management and all the performers for allowing me to record the drag show. Producer of this HD video: Stefan Shagwell aka Date of HD video recording November 27th, 2010.

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