Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus On Sale Store Time Line Chaos @ Lenox Square Mall Atlanta Georgia

Hey, we got a new Apple iPhone 6 plus! Not just any phone, but one that compels otherwise sane people to wait outside in line for hours, days — sometimes weeks.
We waited outside the Apple Store for 12 hours because the iPhone 6 'brought sexy back'.

Atlanta Lenox Square Mall photos and video near the biggest Apple Store in Georgia.

Thursday September 18, 2014 :
10 PM Apple fans line up at Lenox Road near Marta bus station across from Lenox Square Mall Atlanta. About 80 people in line preparing to plunk down on Apple’s next big thing: The Apple iPhone 6 & Apple iPhone 6 Plus sale.

iphone 6 sale line lenox square mall atlanta 2014apple iphone 6 sale line lenox square mall atlanta 2014 september.jpg

Friday September 19, 2014:
5:30 AM - About 400 people in line. It had been a quite night with a lot of chatting about Apple products. We had orderly queued until 5:30 am and then the iPhone 6 Plus panic broke out on the street at Lenox Square Mall. A security officer of Lenox Mall created panic among the people. Like a horde of animals, fans ran across the parking lot to the Apple store only to be sent back to the street .

5:45 AM - The mad crowd was out of control. Fighting and rampant pushing started cause many of us lost our spot in line. It was insane chaos and disorder. Atlanta police were called to assist with crowd control at Lenox Square Mall. Six police cars arrived and brought order back to the Apple iPhone 6 Plus madness.

Apple Iphone 6 Sale Line Chaos Lenox Square Mall

6:00 AM - On the second approach to the Apple Store we were told by the officer to make a chain gang and walk slowly, which worked a little better but still some chaos.

Apple Iphone 6 Chain Gang Line Atlanta Store

7:00 AM - About 1000 people in line for the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus. Apple employes came out and brought some water and snacks.

Apple Iphone 6 Line Atlanta Georgia Lenox Square Mall

7:30 AM - We were led into the upper level entrance of Lenox Square Mall where the Apple store is located and formed another line in front of the store.

Apple Iphone 6 Sale Line Entrance Lenox Square Mall Atlanta

8:30 AM - Apple Employes walked along the lines and asked people what model they want and gave out confirmation codes via text message. 2 Apple iPhones 6 per person. The supply was very limited to probably the first 200 people in line.

Apple Iphone 6 Plus Store Entrance Lenox Square Mall

10:00 AM - Klubkrazzy scored two new iPhone 6 Plus 128g . It was an experience we will never forget and never do again, unless security gives people numbered cards.

Apple Iphone 6 Plus Store Window Lenox Square Mall Atlanta

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Video of the out-of-control crowd situation at Lenox Sqaure Mall Atlanta for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus sale.
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