Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2013 Contest Winner - Tank Teachworth - Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Leather Pride

Mr. & Ms Atlanta Eagle 2013
Mr Ms Atlanta Eagle 2013 Winner Leather Pride
Photo: Lizzy Pane Fountain , Tank Teachworth , J Tebias Perry

During the amazing weekend of 12, 13 and 14 April 2013, Atlanta Leather Pride wrote history once again. The Atlanta Eagle celebrated its 26th anniversary and Mr. & Ms. Atlanta Eagle 2013 contest was one that would never be forgotten.

Video by . Titleholder Jeff Donaldson (Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2012) gives over the reign to the new winner Tank Teachworth Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2013. Tank has arrived and the spotlight is on him. Congratulations! Video by Stefan Shagwell. See past winners and titleholders at . Gay & Lesbian contestants competed in Bar Wear/Leather, Fetish Wear, Written Fantasy and Play Wear Question categories. Official website for this event: . A big thank you to all the contestants, judges and handlers it has been a privilege to cover this event. Especially to Emcee David J Watt (Mr. Friendly) and Pup Nitro (Nitro Hankinson) and Alan Penrod. Congratulations also go out to Lizzy Pane Fountain Ms. Atlanta Eagle 2013 and first runner up J Tebias Perry.

Mr. & Ms. Atlanta Eagle 2013 contest finalists are.
Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2013 Tank Teachworth (Pup Tank)(Tyler)
Ms. Atlanta Eagle 2013 Lizzy Pane Fountain
First runner-up J Tebias Perry
Other contestants: Robbie Buttler and Clarence DeMars

Judges for the Mr. and Ms. Atlanta Eagle 2013 contest: Jeff Donaldson (American Leatherman 2012 & Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2012), Woody Woodruff (International Mr. Leather 2012, Bob Sir-Papa Bear (Great Lakes LeatherSIR 2013) and Maria Dakota Belotti (American LeatherWoman 2009-2010) and Jackie Hubschman (Ms. Atlanta Eagle 2012)

Date of recording April 13, 2013. 8:00pm
Mr. & Ms. Atlanta Eagle 2013 Contest
Atlanta Eagle (Club & Bar) in Atlanta, Georgia USA

Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2013 Video

Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2013 Contest Winner Tank Teachworth

Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2013 Contest Winner Tank Teachworth
tank teachworth mr atlanta eagle 2013 winner.jpg
Photo: Tank Teachworth, Clarence DeMars, Robbie Butler, David J Watt (Mr. Friendly)

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